The LAFD's COVID-19 Response

About The LAFD's COVID-19 Response

The LAFD Foundation is seeking funding to help increase the number of fixed vaccination sites and expand the LAFD’s mobile vaccination program.

Support for this program gives our firefighters and paramedics the tools, equipment, and flexibility to make an impact in communities where these heroes are needed most.

This program is vital to servicing L.A.'s hardest-hit communities. In partnership with CORE, Carbon Health, and dozens of community organizations, the LAFD-led program can dose between 3,000 - 8,000 patients at each fixed site, and up to 200 patients at each mobile site, per day.

Donations help cover the environmental control systems to safeguard the vaccines. Other significant operational costs include the staffing, supplies, equipment, logistics, and traffic control.

If donations exceed the LAFD’s pandemic-related needs, any additional funds will go towards fulfilling other programmatic and equipment needs.