LAFD Fired Up for Preparedness

LAFD Fired Up for Preparedness

Thank you for getting fired up for preparedness! Every household that prepares will help strengthen our community readiness. Every business that participates will help provide essential tools for our firefighters.

Your support matters. Each donation counts towards fulfilling urgent funding needs for our firefighters. Fired Up proceeds will help the LAFD Foundation purchase equipment such as:

1. Strike team deployment kits - Firefighting gear, hand tools, and overnight equipment used by LAFD strike teams deployed for lengthy assignments in remote areas.

2. Night vision goggles and helmets - Worn by our LAFD helicopter pilots to conduct rescues and water drops during low visibility, night-time missions.

3. Bailout containment systems - A harness, safety hook, and descending rope system used as a last resort to rappel out of high-rise structure fires.